Sunday, June 15, 2014

Biking in Bishop

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my all time favorite places to visit is Bishop. The quaint town is at the base of the Eastern Sierra, and Mt. Whitney, Mammoth Lakes, John Muir Wilderness, the PCT and Yosemite are all within a couple hours of each other. You can see everything the town has to offer in 9 miles. And all though it is a small town, the international travelers coming through to see the natural beauties of California always make for great conversation, providing a sense of adventure and newness in the air on a daily basis.

The best part of this particular visit was taking my bike, Margarita. I know I talked about how great it was overcoming the challenge of riding my bike up and down the June Lake Loop, but just riding and enjoying the surroundings that can only be experienced while riding a bike was just as rewarding. Being on a bike is sort of like being apart of the road around  you. You aren't trapped inside of the car, only being able to look out the window at what is around you. Being on a bicycle makes you apart of the ride.

                                                        Bishop, Ca bike trail. June 2014

                                                     E. Line Drive, Bishop, Ca. June 2014

In Antioch, the traffic seems to be non-stop, and everyone seems to be in a hurry. Constantly on the go and rushing from place to place. I say this because I'm constantly aware of being pushed out of the bike lane, or just disregarded by motorists in general. In Bishop, I felt no fear going on and off of trails. Cycling in traffic, even on the 395 left me feeling adventurous, not afraid. Everyone, be it in car, on bicycle, or on foot would smile, wave and even let out an "How are ya doin'" or "Good morning!". It could just be that I am a small town girl at heart that hasn't been able to find her place in the Bay Area or it's surrounding suburbs, but I think that if everyone stopped and really took in their surroundings, they would see how beautiful this area actually is and be a little less douchey. Oh, and there would probably be a lot less trash too.

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