Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting a bike... Getting started.

Nothing will bring you back to your childhood like riding a bike. I was told when I started my "lifestyle change" that one of the best things about riding a bike as an adult is that you instantly feel like a kid again. And it's true. It's great feeling that familiar freedom of my adolescence while going to and from my responsibilities of adulthood.

I've thought about transitioning from my gas guzzling 1989 Oldsmobile Royal to a bike for almost two years now. From professors, mentors, friends and customers, the allure of sustainable transportation, the mental strength cycling brings, and the happy demeanor (almost) every cyclist seems to have, finally pulled me in when an epic leak found in my Olds engine caused my patience for car repairs to run dry... Not to mention my wallet. After helping with the Bike to Work refreshment station at a local coffee shop I work at, I decided to take the plunge. I went out to Antioch's local bike shop Schwinn City, and picked out Margarita, a 700 C Schwinn white and green road bike. She's totally awesome.

I'm sure there where will be days when my new found love of bike commuting, bike riding, and just about anything that has to do with bikes will be tested. Commuting in the rain? Not looking forward to it. Hot hot heat? Sweating your butt off in 100 degree weather isn't the cutest look. But, I'm ready to take on these challenges, learn new lessons, have new experiences, and seeing how far I can go on my bike.

Everything, the good, bad and ugly, the triumphant experiences and the no doubt embarrassing ones, will all be chronicled here.

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